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Our Fees

Fees for our Services


Ark Alliance Financial fees are paid quarterly in arrears. The fee is calculated using an average of the daily balances of each business day in the previous calendar quarter in the client’s account. Our fee is determined by taking the annual percentage rate we charge, divided by four, times the average daily balance of the account.

Sum of each business day’s balance in the client account for the quarter ÷ number of business days in the quarter = average daily balance.

Average daily balance * (Annual fee ÷ 4) = quarterly fee.

Financial Planning and/or Consulting Fees


For clients who engage Ark Alliance Financial for investment management services with a minimum of $250,000, fees for financial planning and consulting services are generally complimentary.

Fees for stand-alone services (when Client does not use Ark Alliance Financial’s investment management services for complimentary financial planning) are charged on an hourly basis. The hourly rate for financial planning is $250 per hour. Preparing an initial financial plan generally takes 5 – 10 hours depending on the complexity, nature and time required to gather and analyze relevant information. As plans become more complex, require additional expertise, cover multiple topics, they take more time to complete and may require additional hours. For clients who subsequently engage Ark Alliance Financial for investment management services, we may waive or offset all or a portion of its fees for stand-alone financial planning and consulting services.
Fees are generally charged as follows: 50% to be paid upon the signing of the financial planning agreement with the remaining balance payable upon delivery of the plan or completion of agreed upon service(s).

This is not a full description of fees and business practices.  Please refer to our ADV 2A firm brochure prior to engaging any services.  You may obtain a copy of our ADV 2A upon request or by visiting


Ark Alliance Financial LLC is a registered investment advisor in the State of Texas.

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